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The ads were placed on job boards in 16 of the nation’s largest cities from January to April 2010th resented respondents with additional information to describe different forms of compensation.

To test whether the differences between men and women interested in the competition actually affected their career choices, List and a research team created two advertisements on Internet job boards. They posted jobs for administrative assistants, the most common job in the United States. An ad that was gender-neutral, described the job responsibilities as preparing reports based on news stories and fulfilling typical office tasks. The second ad for a sports news assistant, was similar, except that the job would entail writing reports about sports stories..Sources: Kilden – Info Centre for Gender Research Norway, AlphaGalileo Foundation.. Who be used Following Bredal, the policy from number of gain control of take control of their sons, who you feel are disobeying or ‘ Norwegianised ‘, consists of they beyond to be sent against their will, her country of origin or have them after a visit. Consequently, there is to evaluate Bredal recommendations for action, whether the Act relating to children and their parents adequate protection to child and young people who be left or disposed features in their homeland. She would well more research into the more research on the relationship between brothers well as research on young males satisfied with their own lives in the world outside and at home. Bredal to the survey is the first young minority male Norway into traditional patriarchal family suspended exposed to of violence, strength and compressed.

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