Which is a characteristic feature in many cases of H5N1 infection.

The second death occurred on 3 March in a 20-year-old woman who died after rapidly progressive acute pneumonia, which is a characteristic feature in many cases of H5N1 infection.Immediately after the second death, the Ministry of Health initiated daily house – to-house investigation, conducted by four teams of the hospital staff, to find people in the settlement with respiratory symptoms or fever. As a result, a further 8 people were admitted to the hospital for observation.

Highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus was the first in Azerbaijan 9th Some 300,000 confirmed in wild birds on the coast near the capital, Baku. February announced the country of an infection in poultry on farms in Xizi and Bilasuvar . Some 300,000 birds were culled as a result.Financing of the sustainability of ART programs, particularly in relation to of the current difficult business air conditioning and with inadequate Posts from national governments, the high incidence of mortality and heavy mortality during its first year to the initiation of HAART and to adapting programs, states and partners to the wHO 2010 revised guidelines of for adults and adolescents, a growing number of HIV-infected on first-line treatment: the cost of second-line treatment is four to five is higher than first row regime of. There will provide for the Us Partners states and second-line treatment challenging and difficult for doctors detect bugs early first-line, guess detectingfirst online treatment failure sooner and prescription the effective and safe other line regime in the face of expense of the latter, administration , diagnosis and treatment of side effects, retaining the patient: show information to cohorts of studies indicate that 25 percent-30 percent of HIV patients going the start of treatment losing in order to follow-up after 12-24 months, social – political instability and humanitarian crisis and natural disasters, AIDS: the need to long-term answer..

‘The AIDS up to time now unprecedented popular mobilization and substantial progress the prevention and treatment conducted,’wrote IAS 2011 International Chair and with IAS President Elly Katabira. ‘But given the prognoses we have made of infections into the next decade, with of the increasing numbers of people are living longer to HIV, it indeed makes sense of discuss, reconstruction and fine-tuning of the reaction would superior meet the new challenges which lie ahead. ‘.. More than 5.000 in delivering sustained antiretroviral therapies in the developing world.

The lectures reflect the full spectrum of the competencies under the more than 5,000 researchers, clinicians and community leader attending the conference which runs July 17 to 20 in Rome.

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