Was not with hypoglycemia in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes.

And 1.7 kg parameters were also determined in this study Study: sitagliptin significantly reduces blood sugar levels , was not with hypoglycemia in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes. For patients in the sitagliptin and placebo, respectively, the cases of total adverse events , serious AEs and what AES to discontinuation were 46 and 53 %, 7 % and 13 % , and 5 and 3 %.

Dose of JANUVIAThe recommended dose of JANUVIA is 100 mg once daily, with or without food, for all approved indications. No dose adjustment for patients with mild to moderate hepatic insufficiency or in patients with mild renal impairment is required. The plasma concentrations of sitagliptin similar to achieve in patients with normal. Lower doses in patients with moderate or severe renal insufficiency and in end-stage renal disease patients receiving hemodialysis is recommended For patients with moderate renal impairment , the dose of JANUVIA is 50 mg once daily.The Programme were well as that U.S. Investment in the field HIV / AIDS, nutrition and workforce training global (Suarez, News Hour.

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