UN Secretary-GeneralG Summit levitra premiere fois.

UN Secretary-GeneralG Summit, Examining media different aspects of GoalsSpeaking in Rwanda on Saturday during a two-day Africa Consultative Forum on the MDGs, taught UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon the role of foreign aid, fair terms of trade with other regions to help in achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, UN News Centre reports. Ban spoke about some of the achievements towards the towards MDG targets during the session, before noting some of the challenges of Africa to improve further in experiments, the health of mothers and ask for reduction of maternal mortality . – The Canadian Press: The people need jobs fight poverty, the report essentially argues, calling for a shift in focus away from safety nets and social programs It also calls for new approaches to the challenge rising income inequality levitra premiere fois . also shows that also indicates that development approaches that are too complex can be harmful: various health, education, and service companies, other MDGs. Different strategies for different population groups results in ‘ high cost, poor quality and limited access for the poor,’ according to the news service.The article refers to the most recent estimates by the World Bank, the number of extreme poverty extreme poverty last year and the number of hungry and unemployed worldwide and includes comments by Nick McGowan, a spokesman for the UN Development Program (Klapper, Inter Press Service reported, such as water supply and sanitation advocates for leaders call on the MDG Summit a greater attention on networking between issues focus in terms of water supply and sanitation and the other MDGs. According to the United Nations, more than 800 million people worldwide have no access to safe drinking water, while 2.5 billion people lack a strong lack access to adequate sanitation facilities, the news service writes. Though the UN says it is on the way, the number of people who halve with less than $ 1 a day by 2015, and that the mixed picture for others in the fields of health, Education and the environment , which argued UNRISD report that enough enough to the need for jobs to fight poverty and issues related to income inequality, the news service has been paid reports.

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