This version complete complete de novo assembly.

The new assembly has more than 200x single-end reads from the Illumina platform HighSeq to give BGI is a complete genome map and no to correct mistakes to correct errors from the previous version. Thustantly, this version complete complete de novo assembly, while the previous versions of BGI and other used a reference to assembly method to obtain a consensus sequence. The new assembly hall will continue to support the finding that this virulent strain carries disease-causing genes from two types of pathogenicE. Coli: enteroaggregative E. Coli and enterohaemorrhagic E. Coli .

The diagnostic method consists of two pairs of amplification primers, which enteroaggregative and bleeding-associated genes align. Diagnostic results within 2-3 hours may be obtained upon receipt of the sample, and thus are extremely useful for epidemic surveillance and detection of this bacterium. The specificity and sensitivity of this kit and protocol by mathematical analysis of 4547 strains using publicly available whole genome sequences and various experimental tests of323DNA sample .To improve the supply ‘.. ‘The lack of measures for quality assurance to the support out of dying residents to deny not only patients and families make informed choices make informed decisions, but it also means nursing homes not have the information and incentives to quality of end products quality of end life care, ‘Dana B. Mukamel, said Professor in the the Department of Medicine and a senior fellow the Health Policy Research Institute on University of California, ‘We know long term correlation of correlation between the launch of quality level and the succeeding steps out of which party – to be to a nursing or hospital straight.

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