This drug is classified as an antimetabolite.

Barrier methods of contraception, such as for example condoms, are recommended. Consult with your doctor when you might safely become pregnant or conceive a child after therapy.Do not breasts feed while taking this drug.. Capecitabine belongs to the combined group of medicines called antimetabolites – onlinegenericpills Xeloda can be an anti-cancers chemotherapy drug. This drug is classified as an antimetabolite. Indications :Metastatic colon or rectal cancerMetastatic breast cancer Dosage :Used as a pill orally.Take after food with water. .Tablets come in 2 sizes; 150mg and 500mg.Do not crush, chew or dissolve tablets.The number of Xeloda that you shall be taken depends on many factors, including your height and weight, your present health or various other health problems, and the sort of condition or cancer being treated.This dish is wonderful for a celebration or picnic, and the leftovers taste even better the following day. Remember to shop the leftovers in the refrigerator and serve chilled. Prep time: 1 hour, quarter-hour Ingredients: 12 slices cooked bacon, crumbled 4½ cups shredded cabbage ¾ cup coleslaw dressing 1/3 cup blue cheese 1 tomato, diced Utensils: mixing bowl mixing spoon measuring cups knife Directions: Combine all ingredients in a big bowl. Mix well. Refrigerate for approximately one hour and serve chilled. Serves: 8 Serving size: ¾ cup Nutritional analysis : 187 calories 14 g fat 7 g protein 540 mg sodium 51 mg calcium Note: Nutritional analysis may vary depending on ingredient brands used.

Breast implants secure but don’t last forever: FDA They’re basically secure.

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