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! Since 1988, THINK LIGHT in in over 5,000 staff wellness programs, hospitals, associations and insurance, according to Phillips, the program has succeeded because of its simplicity and sensitivity. For more information on THINK LIGHT! visitContact Info: Greg Phillips, President SOF Publishing 970-247-3610This press release was issued through eReleases . For more information.

Says Phillips.ment / Healthy Eating Program Targets Childhood Obesity With ‘Family – Friendly ‘ ApproachAccording to the American Obesity Association and the Centers for Disease Control, about 15 % of children and adolescents aged 6 to 19 are obese. Obesity in childhood and the associated health consequences, including early heart disease and type – ,, spiraling into a nationwide epidemic. Some scientists believe this. Possibly the first generation in America, in which parents will outlive their children.Indicate two important health systems of area of San Diego, said private HMO Kaiser Permanente and that Department of Veterans Affairs, the program a program to patient records, to San Diego Union-Tribune report shares. Collaboration is first time operated a computer based patient records system by a federal body, time, the run by a private organization was connected and connecting will be file from both institutions for about 1,000 patients receiving care from both vendors .

. Firstly the pilot project are for person identification information as a subject Name and age of, and lists of allergies, medicine and medical Selected regions restricted, but to extend the data over time, the Union-Tribune reported.

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