They developed an inhibition of HIV replication was

To measure Siliciano and his colleagues analyzed entecavir ‘s effects on HIV using a more sensitive test, they developed an inhibition of HIV replication was. Designed test that uses an HIV strain capable of being only a single round of replication, which the assay more specific . The engineered virus carrying the gene for green fluorescent protein, so that its replication can be readily detected and quantified. Researchers tested viral replication within the same type of T – cells of the immune system that the virus naturally infected. HIV patients this system a very sensitive and reliable method for the inhibition of HIV replication,’said Siliciano. ‘And when we applied it to test the effects of entecavir, we found the drug did have an effect on HIV. It was very subtle and relatively easy to miss, but with the proper test turned out to be a highly reproducible effect. ‘.

In findings published the 21st June 2007, online in the journal, researchers reported that a patient hepatitis B and HIV hepatitis B and HIV with entecavir for with entecavir for a mutant strain of HIV that is resistant to the antiviral drugs developed lamivudine and emtricitabine. Entecavir Bristol-Myers Squibb Bristol-Myers Squibb and marketed under the trade name Baraclude.

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