The use of the MammoSite system.

The use of the MammoSite system , the oncologist can deliver targeted radiation therapy directly to the area where cancer is most likely to repeat what a full course of radiation to be delivered in just five days. Additionally, targeted therapy of the breast limits radiation exposure a normal, healthy tissue. By-case basis minimizing side effects such as skin discoloration and scarring, burning, fatigue and damage to surrounding organs.

Earchers also found the subjects brain scans using magnetic resonance imaging and a method called voxel-based morphometry enabled the researchers to determine the proportion / density of gray matter throughout the brain. The gray matter volume was then compared between the groups and correlated with genetic type and duration of drug use. – Only males were part of of this study and therefore it is for future studies to examine these genetic and brain effects on women and important, Klein explains. In addition, further studies will be done in order gene gene-brain patterns during a life volume of the brain volume of the brain neurons. .This exhibition were also a Silver Winner of Most Effective Exhibit for the 2007 Event Award with strong multi – industry competitive, including BMW, Hitachi, HP, T-Mobile and Microsoft.

‘We are excited with these awards,’said Jeremy Williams, Photosound. Medical trainingery proud to partner to GlaxoSmithKline on this exhibit programs and that design and reinforces the program GlaxoSmithKline exposure in the area of oncology. ‘.

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