The test involved a pancreatic cancer line that spreads quickly read here.

The test involved a pancreatic cancer line that spreads quickly. In this case, live imaging showed that in control mice spread of cancer to the liver, bone and intestine. Treated with the CMV BikDD showed only a few small tumors near organs read here . Into the clinic.tectable metastases in mice with the VISA BikDD combination, the authors report treated. – All anti-cancer drugs have toxicity toxicity and so affects affect the dose that can be administered, Hung says. The team was looking for signs of acute systemic toxicity and pancreatitis, a dangerous inflammation of the pancreas. During during cytomegalovirus BikDD signs of both toxicities, the authors report VISA BikDD produces virtually no systemically acute toxicity or acute pancreatitis. .

###Abbruzzese was the research of pancreatic cancer SPORE grant from the NCI, MD Anderson NCI center support grant, a grant from the potter’s Research Funds, and an AstraZeneca Fellowship encouraged.

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