The study equol was tested in rats performed at Colorado State University

, the study equol was tested in rats performed at Colorado State University, Cincinnati Children Cincinnati Children ‘s and will appear in the April edition of Biology of Reproduction .

In other words, does not change equol hormones but completely blocks the effects of DHT in rats. This may explain why Japanese men soy soy than American men suffer, but equally from BPH as they age go, rarely have prostate cancer, Setchell. Several human studies have the benefits of consuming soy reduces the risk of prostate cancer showed.

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According Ploetz, are the three key and damaging cacao diseases black pod, frosty pod and witch broom. Black and pod occurs worldwide and has the biggest impact, whereas freezing pod and witches’ broom restricted the tropical Americas. Frosty pod and witches’ broom were cocoa production in West Africa, where nearly 70 % of total production carried desolate, said Ploetz. In this region, 2. Either illness yields could reduced through another million more tonnes per year, he said Important threat to Chocolate production of countries symposium on July 30th out of 1:30 to 5, in: – New discoveries and recent research results for cacao diseases, as well as resistance and management of illnesses while during the Cacao disease the joint annual conference of the American Phytopathological Society, Canadian Phytopathological Society and of Mycological Society of America the joint meeting instead of on July 29th – 2. At the Centre des Congress on S en Src bec bec City.

The research team analyzed 255 samples from eight different cancers – colon, prostate, ovarian, lung, melanoma and lymphomas – and the amounts of of specific proteins speak famous for influencing the efficacy of irinotecan, a commonly used anti-cancer agent. Their study will will appear in an upcoming issue of Journal of Pathology.

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