The study appears in the online Early Edition of the journal.

Postdoctoral fellowsl of a tiny RNA molecule can inhibit cancer growth in research at the University of Louisville shows published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the removal of a small RNA molecule in mice suppresses carcinogenic tumor formation. The study appears in the online Early Edition of the journal.

In the U.S. H1N1 rise by 700 in a week, the reports’The biggest increase in the past week was recorded in America, w[h] ere 636 more people were killed by swine flu, bringing region region fatalities of the UN agency. ‘ ‘U.S. Health officials have two doses for children under 10 – told AFP reports in a second story ‘Fatal cases in Europe climbed to at least 281, while those in Asia-Pacific rose to 1070 ‘. , based on the first results of the studies that show that a dose sufficient to produce was to protect a strong enough immune system response to this age group, ‘says the newspaper.The article includes case studies concerning Promethus Laboratories of San Diego, that introduced a test to fivefold increase revenue of his medicinal of Crohn developed, Kos Pharmaceuticals Abbott Pharmaceuticals Abbott Pharmaceuticals) the strongly increased the turnover a cholesterol lowering drug carried license and deployment a new test or patient identifying with a risk of heart diseases and Sanochemia AG, an Austrian company makes of MRI contrast agents diagnose neurologist definitively multiple sclerosis started evaluate stages of disease, if indicated, quickly migrate patients Sanochemia Third Line MS drug.

Scientia Advisors, in the Cambridge, MA and Palo Alto, California, being a globally active management consultancy company specializing in strategic growth and operating strategies to major and emerging companies in the healthcare and the life sciences.

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