The results appear in the 29 th July issue of Science schweiz.

Human cells. Crucial step in anthrax infection – Pore protein plays an active role in the toxins in the cellsscientist at Harvard Medical School details of a major step when entering anthrax toxin in in human cells schweiz . The work grew out of an ongoing effort to produce a better therapeutic anthrax that the protective antigen component of the bacterial toxin, an active role in the transmission of the other two components of the toxin through the cell membrane plays. The study, led by R. John Collier, professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at HMS insight into the general question of how proteins pass through cell membranes. The results appear in the 29 th July issue of Science.

The researchers, who the the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation to investigate further protein unfolding in translocation during anthrax infection, the prove prove relevant than in other biological systems, This is only a partial picture, Collier said, There are still major open questions about the whole process , which must be addressed. .


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