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And that’s why it’s safe to say few understand why we need to pass reform as intimately as our nation’s nurses. They see the heartbreaking cost of our health care crisis firsthand. They hear the same tales I’ve noticed across this nation – – of treatment deferred or insurance denied by insurance firms; of insurance costs and prescriptions that are so costly they consume a family’s entire budget. Plus they understand that that is a problem that we can no longer defer,’ President Obama said.The Codex Alimentarius Commission provides 170 member countries, which are people of FAO or WHO or both. The European Community is a Codex member organization also. The main work on standard setting is completed in the more than 20 Codex Task and Committees Forces. The Codex Commission adopts the requirements proposed by these Committees and Task Forces and sets the Commission’s future function strategy. Mr. Kazuaki Miyagishima, who’s organizing his 1st Codex Commission session as Secretary, said: ‘We seek to make sure that Codex as an institution continues to boost its means of addressing its dual objective: protecting consumer health insurance and ensuring fair procedures in food trade by giving science-based meals quality and safety requirements, recommendations and guidelines.’.

Costs Gates says capitalism funnels even more resources into small ailments than infectious diseases Bill Gates, co-seat of the Costs & Melinda Gates Foundation, ‘offers declared capitalism 'flawed' since it channels more assets to curing minimal ailments such as man baldness than to addressing the illnesses that destroy an incredible number of lives each year,’ The Independent reviews.

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