The new TAU dressing inhibits bacterial growth and is biodegradable.

Student.. The new TAU dressing inhibits bacterial growth and is biodegradable, which helps doctors avoid constant wound cleaning and disposal, so that the body is doing the work on their own. If the wound is administered, can a doctor give relatively high but local doses of antibiotics, avoiding toxicity issues when the same amount of antibiotic produced by the body, says Prof. Zilberman, who worked on this research with Jonathan Elsner, Ph.D.

Prof. Zilberman begins the early phases of clinical studies in animal models. So far, their dressing wrapped has passed physical and mechanical tests in vitro and in bacterial inhibition tests in the laboratory. To co-developks for a strategic partner to co-develop of the research and take it to the commercial phase.Co-authors include: Renzhe Cui, disc, Chigusa dates, disc, Shogo Kikuchi, MD, Akiko Tamakoshi, and to JACC Study Group on. Writer detail and sources of finance are on the manuscript.

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