The most disturbing finding of the study.

The most disturbing finding of the study, said Dr. Grimberg the proportion of of girls were found to have an underlying medical condition that made them short, have compared to 15 % of boys. Conversely, 38 % of the in normal height in normal height ranges, compared to 20 % of the girls. Because our study only looked at the aforementioned children, and certainly not the children, who were not named, is the importance of this difference is not clear in the underlying disease, said Dr. Grimberg. It may indicate that diseases that missed in girls who are not named, that the proportion of boys with disease is diluted are called by the large number of healthy boys, or a combination of both.

Although girls were less likely than boys be called, was the girls ‘ height deficits greater than the boys in the study. In other words, even though briefly briefly in the study, the girls were significantly shorter than the boys both both the general population and predictions about their parents ‘ heights.And Cell Genesys ongoing Phase 3 program is determined by the median survival results of two independent, multi -center Phase 2 studies in of about 115 patients who are support is not only consistent having at any another as well cheaper as compared to the previously published median survival of 18.9 months in metastatic HRPC patients with Taxotere chemotherapy plus prednisone, the current standard of care dealt with. GVAX immunotherapy for prostate cancer is from two prostate cancer cell lines, for the secretion of GM-CSF , second-line hormonal are modified , and consisting radiated safety.

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