The Miriam leader in the treatment.

###the Miriam Hospital is a leading company in the field of correctional health care and home of the Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights sites, the Miriam leader in the treatment, research and prevention of HIV / AIDS, attracts 17,000 $ of the world’s HIV / AIDS research dollars. Detention was magnetic Recognition for Excellence in Nursing Services awarded three times and is committed to excellence in patient care, research and medical education The Miriam is a founding member of Life Health System.

‘Huge efforts have long been underway to develop safe and effective vaginal microbicides for African women. We need the same level of commitment and resources to the development of safe, effective, self-ptable and accessible rectal microbicides for Africans, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. ‘.. ‘We still face significant hurdles in terms of human rights for gay men, MSM and transgender people in Africa, but the collective, long-term efforts of the lawyers and scientists are in fact raise the denial of about anal sex in the African context, ‘said Morenike Ukpong , New HIV Vaccines and microbicides Advocacy Society in Nigeria, IRMA member and one of the main architects of the project ARM strategy.Has picked up light-sensitive compounds Promise For Cancer Therapy View a chemist at the University of California, of Santa Cruz, develops novel connections that commitment for photodynamic cancer the use optical activated drugs in order to kill tumor cells indicate. The network like this would not only assist overcoming feeling of isolation but to promote mutual support for. ‘.

About 100,000 people are diagnosed with by disease annually . – For more details about which competition please visit Microsoft DesignIT that site at / Germany / technet / designit / default.mspx.

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