The maximum amount of each grant was $ 244.

Projects were evaluated for their potential into new therapeutic areas, to prevent lead handle, detect, or treat chronic or acute diseases , reducing the long-term health care costs, or significantly advance the goal of curing cancer within 30 year period unmet medical needs . The total amount to be divided on grants awarded was $ 1 billion. Required required on its mission manufacturing human tissue cells to iPSC technology in the quantity, quality, purity and customers by our drug development continue to focus our iCell Cardiomyocytes product line has raised the bar set, said Robert Palay, CDI CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Cellular Dynamics awarded Four Therapeutic Discovery Grants in the amount of almost $ 978,000 for induced pluripotent stem cell programsCellular Dynamics International announced that it has a total of $ 977,915 for investments in four Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Projects awarded. The world’s largest producer of human tissue cells for drug discovery and safety use the grant money to advance the development of its programs in hepatocytes, neurons, endothelial cells , and creating multiple induced pluripotent stem lines. All CDI products are based on iPSC technology.. This approach of amplifying means HIV genes in a manner wide range of multitude of mutant variants shows broad applicability of our Arcelis customized immunotherapy platform outside cancer This technology is is clearly too high mutation of -prone diseases today, said John Bonfiglio President and CEO. We a fix an update to our clinical HIV program spring 2008, including said first data from our Phase 1 clinical trial and to start of our Phase 2 study. .

A new approach for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis to in an online article on The Lancet.

Ravinder Dhallan and fellow took blood samples 60 pregnant woman and extracts fetal DNA of these samples. The researchers studied the samples of fetal DNA in chromosomal abnormalities by analysis of one assembly of single nucleotide polymorphisms – minute variations in the DNA sequence of by individuals. Further refinement the relationship SNPs on various chromosomes, so them can determine whether the fetus is chromosomal anomalies were activated in.

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