The lancelet or amphioxus.

Genome sequence of small marine creature lit Vertebrate Origins LightGenome Research published several papers related to analyzes of the amphioxus genome sequence. The lancelet or amphioxus, is a cephalochordate residence in shallow regions of the tropical and temperate seas, and resemble a small fish, but lack of eyes, limbs and ears.

Primitives pre – vertebrates are still under developmentthe the origin of vertebrates and other features of the cephalochordate biology, a team of scientists looked at Dr. Linda Holland of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography led the amphioxus genome for specific genes, gene families, and DNA elements, the light on chordate evolution and biology could shed.BPH is the non-cancerous growth of the prostate, which may interfere with urine. It one of the most frequent diseases among men, to recent studies showing Fax: and kidneys. All men over the age from 60 and 80 % of men between the ages of 80 be have enlarged prostates. Forty or 50 % of men who evolve with prostate enlargement symptoms which to showcase part more frequent urination, urinary tract, inability completely to empty the bladder, and in severe cases, damages on of the bladder and kidneys.

Of Urology at beats mode of action on Botox in the treatment of enlarged prostate.

The team was previously shown that the injection of Botox in the prostate gland improvement in symptoms how more frequently urination, that show bladder emptying and little velocity of urine in men with bladder outlet obstruction due to the BPH producing. The present study was carried out to investigate the mechanism of action, operate by Botox, these symptoms would be reduced.

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