The Kansas Supreme Court on Tuesday temporarily blocked subpoena from the grand jury of 2.

‘He added, that for ‘medical records, we evaluate what will be our answer, but certainly by the Supreme Court in order to be treated with the same records informs ‘(AP / Kansas City Star.. The Kansas Supreme Court on Tuesday temporarily blocked subpoena from the grand jury of 2,000 medical records of women who sought or obtained abortions after their 21st Week of pregnancy at Tiller clinic. The court retired judge Paul Buchanan, the supervision of the grand jury, and District Chief Judge Michael Corrigan, any objections to the injunction of 11 Feb. Submit. The court also asked the judges of the the 25th February Buchanan so Tiller the files justify the grand jury itself. The Kansas Supreme Court will consider whether , the grand jury sufficient justification for why it needs individual medical records if the patient privacy will be sufficient under Buchanan’s order and whether the subpoena is to intimidate unnecessarily women that abortions .

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