The human body works with the help of an enormous number of proteins.

‘In recent years, ‘Mapping of the human DNA is a fantastic achievement, but its practical value is still quite limited, we can read the individual letters in the genetic code, but we do not understand what the words mean why we have a lot more about the proteins that encode. The world of proteins the world of proteins will learn the main task for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, ‘says Gert Almind, CEO of Novo Nordisk Foundation.. The human body works with the help of an enormous number of proteins, of the body to control daily tasks. Proteins build cells, tissues and organs. Also produce hormones, transport proteins molecules, antibodies and neurotransmitters.

‘. The 9.0 Tohoku earthquake caught many people including scientists surprised, ‘said Lin. ‘It had been thought that a large quake in this area would go up about 9.0 not ‘this estimate was significantly historical historical data. ‘the Tohoku earthquake has reminded us that, given only the historical earthquakes is inadequate, even in a country with relatively long written records China China, ‘he said.Sherman, of the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, and colleagues examined the prevalence and characteristics by strokes in patients the two treatment groups the follow-up the AFFIRM study, to year between two and six. The researchers analyzed the ratio a number of variable of risk of ischemic stroke, a line by decreased blood flow to an area in the brain, most commonly by narrowing of blood vessels or an embolism leadership constipation caused the blood supply. Tags in the to analyzing included age, sex, and history of of stroke, diabetes, coronary heart disease high blood pressure and smoking. Eighty-four per cent of rate control patients and 52 % of sinus rhythm control patients received warfarin during the entire study..

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