The growth and proliferation of breast cancer cancer with a promising treating.

Conclusions: This study suggests a new standard of care for the management of mild bleeding disorders in patients adenotonsillectomy. The cooperation between the otolaryngologist and the hematologist in the treatment of patients with a bleeding disorder need surgery is essential.

A team of ENT – Head and Neck Surgery and hematologists have a special protocol in tonsillectomy patients with von Willebrand ‘s disease, a disorder caused by genetic bleeding tendency of mucous membranes for a prolonged period animated by abnormal or absent von Willebrand thereby studied factor. Post-operative bleedingup to two % of the population, requiring the development of a therapy that this population can reduce the risk of bleeding.The growth and proliferation of breast cancer cancer with a promising treating, which of two innovative policies can be delayed combining : blocking the enzyme essential at of energy cancerous cells and infuse a potent agent directly on the tumor with minimize exposure to healthy tissue, which research demonstrate for the 36th Society of Interventional Radiology Chicago in Chicago.

Notes:.Description 8: ‘the glycolytic anti – an Image with an image – out for Minimally Invasive delivery strategy on treating breast cancer, a combined ‘M. JF Swiftly, Ganapathy – Kanniappan, Kunjithapatham, all the Radiologists, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, Radiologists, Johns Hopkins, hotels in Baltimore, and Chung-Ang University Hospital, Korea Republic, March 26, 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting of, Chicago.

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