The Governor proposed also lowers the entire budget of $ 8.

The Governor proposed also lowers the entire budget of $ 8,000 Therapeutic Monitoring Program . TMP provides diagnostic assay testing to determine the effectiveness of the individual AIDS drug protocol treatment. The HIV Diagnostic Assay Program had threatened in 2004 with an 87 percent reduction, but Governor Schwarzenegger intercession restored during this time and most of the funding this important AIDS testing program in his 2005 budget.

In addition, these draconian cuts – $ 170 000 of the total general fund also raised $ 322,000 additional additional lost matching federal and private AIDS dollars. The state is the destruction of an important public health net by decimating over $ 400 million in AIDS treatment, care and support services. And in the end , the state will still be responsible for taking care of many of these patients will end up far more expensive endeavor diligence overloaded forces throughout the country. These cuts would be disastrous if it reacted. .. A communicable disease, AIDS Funding Cuts would be catastrophic , AHF says AIDS Healthcare Foundation , the nation’s largest non-profit HIV / AIDS healthcare provider, today criticized in California state officials for planning draconian austerity measures that will endanger public health by all means for AIDS care and treatment by the state General Fund.Enabled by an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant and report line in the 23 The December issue of Sci, ‘This observation offers new ways to assist of the investigation be understood scholars, as artificial joints feature and strategies for the development of she function better,’said NIAMS Director Stephen I. ‘The results of the research could have important consequences for hundreds of thousands American, is hip subjected annually. Like benefit from the procedure benefit from the procedure but have get their doctors operation surgery until they are older than ‘.

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