The finding is in Nature Neuroscience unhealthy habit.

The finding is in Nature Neuroscience, online 16th May reported and highlighted in the magazine News and Views section.Simon Alford, University of Illinois at Chicago professor of biological sciences and of the author of the articles said, the role of neurotransmitter with this parallel pathway may also suggest new directions for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease unhealthy habit here .

They matched the cancer by age and gender randomly to a control group of state driver’s license lists selected.To the data on sunbeds exposure, as if used at all, device types, age at first use, duration of use, how long, frequency and frequency of tanning beds to get connected burns, invited the researchers to cancer patients and the controls in to complete paper questionnaire and participate in an extensive telephone interview that lasted approximately an hour.

Far-reaching consequences met, longer as the eye of?In recent years, small team of scientists was pioneering work a revolutionary idea in that the vertebrate immune system in regulation in the regulation by iron in the body. Soon be study shows soon will be published in the magazine Immunology that human lymphocytes fact manufacture hepcidin, the most important protein in the regulation of iron in their bodies. What also was unexpected was the the fact that hepcidin lymphocyte multiplication enters as during persistent infection shown to the two systems very lot, as well been imagined.The discover is far-reaching consequences, how Jorge Pinto, the first author who appears study study concludes, ‘is controlled by new players in each of iron metabolism and immunology a new understanding of the cell division itself , to even help us better understand the evolution immune system.

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