The Emory researchers suggest it would be such a strategy such a strategy carefully.

‘The current vaccine shortage gives public health officials to reconsider what what we believe is a very important alternative strategy of vaccination school children alongside high-risk groups, Halloran says. ‘If this strategy were adopted, was the incidence of influenza in states. The strategy and those that adopted accepted ‘. The National Institutes of Health and the Eli Lilly Foundation funded this study.. The Emory researchers suggest it would be such a strategy such a strategy carefully. One possibility would be to mass production school children vaccinate in several States to be, used as a comparison with other states.

The mathematical models show that vaccinating about 70 % of school children aged 6 to 18, with influenza vaccine would reduce community-wide transmission to very low levels. School children are the population group generally most responsible for transmission of influenza because of more exposure potential and less prior immunity than adults. Even if only 50 % of school children could be vaccinated but still have a considerable reduction in the transmission within the community lead, according to the models. The vaccine strategy in recent years to the distribution vaccine primarily to high-risk groups is based, and such a strategy is not very effective in reducing influenza deaths and illnesses, researchers say. Due to the current vaccine shortage has the same strategy with the further proviso that vaccine to high risk and other predefined groups adopted limited, however, not only a very low risk school children..– Having 30 million Americans on warfarin and 2 million or more adverse events report annually, potential for genetic testing, pain or suffering as to minimize massive Genetics is still an increasingly important role in the the prevention, diagnosis gamble and treatment of disease. said Joe Leigh Simpson, president of the American College of Medical Genetics.. To response to the requirement of further information on implementation genetic tests to to warfarin doses will the American College of Medical Genetics publish a position paper autumn 2007 in the periodical Genetics in Medicine, the proof the details as experts will be offers interpret information to use these genetic Reviews to warfarin dosage.

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