The Call to Action urges governments.

But in developing countries, about 70 to 90 percent of people with epilepsy do not receive appropriate treatment or care. .. The Call to Action urges governments, to implement international and regional organizations and non-governmental organizations and support action in six areas: – public education – community-based control and prevention programs – law reform – investment in research – lay and epilepsy epilepsy organizations – information sharing and multi-country collaboration epilepsy is preventable and treatable with relatively safe and inexpensive drugs, said Dr.

80 percent of them are believed to living in the developing countries. – The problem to the fore as a public health priority, the First Beijing International Forum for Epilepsy will put the regional report restart ‘Epilepsy in the Western Pacific Region: A Call to Action ‘, October at the Beijing Central Garden Hotel. The report summarizes the current situation in relation to epilepsy, their impact on public health, past and present in community-based control and instructions on how to proceed.. Epilepsy is the most serious common neurological disorder, with a conservative estimate of 50 million people worldwide suffer from the condition.Enterprises supporters for that Meeting is Pfizer, which Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International , and Merck Research Laboratories.

The Rockefeller University, Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Medical College of Cornell University.. The closure of receiving have posters by NYSCF – Druckenmiller companion.

The New York Stem Cell Foundation conference will on by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center, to the Helen and Martin Kimmelmann Centre for Stem Cell Biology of New York University School of Medicine, of Mount Sinai School of co-sponsor of medicine and members of the Tri – Institutional Stem Cell Initiative.

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