The brain-computer interface is meant to make a person a cursor with his thoughts about movement order here.

The rhythmic patterns of oscillations may also developing better brain-machine interface technology for quadriplegic individuals prosthetic useful work, said Saleh. The brain-computer interface is meant to make a person a cursor with his thoughts about movement, Saleh said. But if a person is ‘ plugged ‘ a brain-computer interface, it needs do not always want to use it; order here . Occasionally, plans,uld and do nothing and do nothing Using features from these oscillations, the computer can determine when a patient is ready to move. .

Characteristic activity patterns as beta and delta regions of the brain known in various regions of the brain since the early 20th Century were observed and theoretically associated with attention. The unique ability to record directly from a human subject motor cortex allowed University of Chicago researchers relationship relationship more accurately than ever before. ‘It gave us a really unique opportunity to record, on a micro level, signals from the human motor cortex,’said Hatsopoulos, professor in the Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy and Chairman of the Committee on Computational Neuroscience.

Addressing of Conference participants stressed Lt. General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, the importance of a coordinated HIV reply. AIDS knows no borders and limitations, and has no nationality, he said. Unifying efforts of all parties is critical the spread of AIDS the spread of AIDS in the region. .

Although all countries in the region of, which antiretrovirals free of charge, which majority widely behind the goal universal access to the treatment. The end of the year 2008 only 14 percent estimated 68000 accesses had in the necessity of treatment of. At-riskt people who does not know with HIV, her HIV status, said Dr. Jaouad Mahjour, Director of the Division for control of communicable diseases in WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region. This is remains the remit of for the extension antiretroviral treatment in the region. Broader access voluntary and confidential HIV tests and consulting, tailored to the needs of most of – at-risk populations of is of crucial importance.

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