Subject to approval of the transaction by BioOnes shareholders.

‘We believe there is fantastic market prospect of INTERCEPT in Asia and that regaining the platelet and plasma privileges from BioOne allows us to pursue a different business technique and potential partnerships for all three applications,’ stated Claes Glassell, Cerus’ president and chief executive officer.. Cerus to obtain BioOne’s commercialization rights for INTERCEPT Blood System Cerus Company announced today that it has signed an agreement to obtain BioOne Corporation’s commercialization privileges for the INTERCEPT Blood Program for platelets and plasma, subject to approval of the transaction by BioOne’s shareholders. In 2004 and 2005, Cerus and its own partner at the time, Baxter International, certified the commercialization privileges for INTERCEPT platelets and plasma to BioOne for an Asian territory, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand.Without a effective bone marrow transplant, few have any wish of long-term survival. In today’s study, 16 patients with relapsed B-ALL were given an infusion of their very own genetically altered immune cells, known as T cells. The cells had been ‘reeducated’ to recognize and destroy tumor cells which contain the proteins CD19. While the overall full response price for all sufferers was 88 %, even those with detectable disease prior to treatment had a comprehensive response rate of 78 %, far exceeding the complete response price of salvage chemotherapy alone.

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