Specific COX 2 inhibitors were NSAID medications created.

Specific COX – 2 inhibitors – were NSAID medications created, inhibited the COX – 2 enzyme, but not the COX-1 ones. The aim was to relieve pain and inflammation without the side effects on the stomach. However, COX – 2 inhibitors, although does not to damage the stomach, not cause more side effects for the heart than the old NSAIDs. So specific Cox – 2 inhibitor NSAID medicines are suitable for patients likely to develop the intestinal and / or stomach problems, but unsuitable for those with circulation or heart problems.

Pain and discomfort – for example muscle strain / sprain, headache, migraine, and dysmenorrhea .Fever – NSAIDs are effective in the reduction of body temperature.Inflammation – NSAIDs are used used to treat inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. In rheumatoid arthritis.Some other conditions – sometimes NSAIDs for the treatment of menorrhagia is recommended. NSAIDs may be taken:orally – available in tablet, capsule or liquid form.An illness -centric gravity that objective is cut with presentations focusing on autoimmunity, cancers and hematological disorders, bone and cholesterol metabolism, obesity and diseases. The conference is organized also that technological advances in the cytokine is biological such as bispecific antibodies, latently cytokines, vaccine and cytokine is for delivery of commensal bacteria.

Michael Karin, a professor, pharmacology, tumor growth, invading & metastatic, be University of California, San Diego provide through a Keynote presentations at the 9 th Cytokine and Inflammation Conference into San Diego, CA. On Jan. 2011 by GTCBio instead as the part of the novel Crab and immunoassays Therapeutics is Summit Other notable speakers are Mitchell Kronenberg, President and Scientific Director, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, Joost J. Oppenheim, Cellular Immunology Group, Laboratory Chief, Laboratory of Molecular Immunoregulation, NCI, John E. Scientific Executive Director of, Inflammation Research, Amgen and Phillip K. VP, Compound Development Team Leaderboard, Centocor will RnD..

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