She said anthocyanins have been epidemiologically associated with a reduced risk of cancer.

She said anthocyanins have been epidemiologically associated with a reduced risk of cancer, but the anti-cancer ability of the purple sweet potato is not well studied.Lim used a sweet potato with pronounced purple flesh and skin, the K – State by C. Ted Carey, professor of horticulture, at K-State John Pair Horticultural Center in Haysville was developed. Sometimes we can find purple sweet potatoes in the supermarket, but they do not have this purple color on the skin and inside, Lim said.

Three different purple sweet potatoes were used had different amounts of anthocyanin for the project. To quantify the amount in each potato, Lim extracted pigments from the vegetables and injected them into an HPLC-MS analysis, which she said is a method that separates components.Sarah A. Alicia L. Hawthorne, Nico van Rooijen , and Jerry SilberAs opposed to Barrette et al Horny al. Reported that macrophage in the spinal cord of rat regenerating disabled by promoting axon retreat. Central nervous system axons of normally retract a site of injury. Studied about the role of macrophages in this process, Horn et al. Phagocytes targeted included with a toxins in liposomes. Crush Depleting macrophages after spinal injury had no effect on said initial retracted by injured axons, but prevented subsequent retraction of that normally appears after macrophage entering spinal cord. An in vitro studies on the spinal ganglion neurones shown when is an activated macrophage contact a dystrophic axon, that macrophages and adhering to tugs on axonal, Other hand it from that substrate and effecting retraction.

Which is likely the Journal of Neuroscience1 Macrophage support the regenerationBenoit Barrette, Marc – Andr? Mohammad Filali, Kathleen Lafortune, Nicholas Valli CONN, Genevi SU Gowing, Jean-Pierre Julien and Steve Lacroix.

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