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In humans, sialic acids protect the protein, Joshi said. They say our body, self-made self-made protein. If it is not there on a glycoprotein, then our body says it is not a self-made protein and it needs to be removed. Or it may Joshi and his colleague ‘s discovery is a complex path, or a series of chemical reactions in plants that theses theses sugar groups to the proteins in this way, mainly common is people and plants. – It is a sialic acid synthesis pathway, Joshi said, in humans, it are important for the half-life of our proteins and immune system, but we do not know what their role in plants. It can be obtained from a plant ‘s ability stressful conditions stressful conditions, such as a lack of water or nutrients, or it may have a role in plant-pathogen interactions.

– The discovery has both basic and applied science applications, said Joshi. ‘ There is a way, a series of chemical reactions that have never before been reported in plants. The discovery facilitates the use of plants to produce medically important proteins, in the right form, for human use. A paper detailing the research, sialylated endogenous glycoconjugates in plant cells ‘ appear in December 2003 issue of Nature Biotechnology Besides Joshi. Howeveres.f the paper are ASU student Miti Shah, visiting professor Kazuhito Fujiyama, and ASU researcher C. Robert Flynn.. The discovery could be an effective means of producing proteins important important and do it with a method that could be effective and less expensive to run than current methods, Joshi said.Kennedy also was a longstanding supporter from under Medicare and Medicaid it was an member of the Senate if both roll Call in 1965. (roll Call.

Kennedy fate on Deal Making was legendary President Obama said: ‘for five decades, practically each of major piece of legislation to foster civil rights, health care and economic well-being was the American people its name to and was due to of his effort ‘ ‘.

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