Request more information about the ASHP Practitioner Recognition Program or an application.

, request more information about the ASHP Practitioner Recognition Program or an application, contact Cheryl Imirie at 664-8673. Information, program criteria and forms. On ASHP Web site The deadline for receipt of applications is 1st October 2010.

To commemorate the best way this week, is to vaccinate yourself and your loved ones against the flu. It is especially important for children, for 50 or 50 or older, for pregnant. And women to get vaccinated for anyone with a chronic illness such as asthma or heart disease, diabetes or even AIDS catch holiday spirit holiday spirit not flu flu can now.. Older, is National Influenza Vaccination week. Time yourself and your get your flu shot! – National Influenza Vaccination Week, a reminder that the flu vaccine is the best way yourself and your family yourself and your family against ,, influenza is a serious disease about 36,000 approximately 36,000 Americans die from the disease, and about 200,000 people.The General Medical Council is the independent regulatory body the medical fraternity in the United Kingdom, with the responsibility for the regulation which ambulance including those monitor of medical education and coordination of all the phases of the health training and further. Commenting on the of of President of GMC, said Professor Sir Graeme Catto:.

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