Removal of cancer cells and defective kidney through the vagina has been done before.

Removal of cancer cells and defective kidney through the vagina has been done before, but this is probably the first time a healthy kidney have been be removed in this way, the news that more people can encourage donate as another option there is minimally invasive.

The concept of minimizing incisions and decreasing is is always a good idea, but we should always check the price at which he told CNN.the new method is part of a family of new approaches called NOTES, natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery, the remove use a natural opening in the body as access to organs and tissues. Frequently openings in such operations are used are the mouth, anus and vagina, said Dr. Anthony Kalloo, the director of the Division of Gastroenterology at Johns Hopkins and the pioneer of NOTES.TBI causes both located damaging with bruises and bleeding, and of diffuse damages by separating brain cell Localized to cell death. The localized damage is easier to see with the naked eye a diffuse damage. But the two types of injury to contribute difficulty with the concentration, working memory, organize and plan original resolution often experiencing from people who according TBI. According to Dr. Levine, ‘It can be hard to establish why patients are so has been deactivated, and this study provides evidence of the type of brain damage causing this disability. ‘.

Eighty % of patients suffered their breaches by a car accident. Injury severity has been of of coma or consciousness alteration at that time said initial hospitalizations. Some patients have had minor injuries and were immediately sacked, while others had longer serious injury weeklong with enhanced loss of awareness. Twelve healthy, intact as the control group as a comparison group. Subjects ‘ brains by high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging that offers most sensitive to image volume changes in the brain Besides the addition to using an expert radiology quality read the MRI scans.

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