Raising a record-shattering $32 million in mobile giving for the ongoing relief efforts.

Donations from the mobile offering system support the American Crimson Cross recovery and relief work in Haiti. ‘Because of the generosity of donors through this cellular giving system, people in Haiti are getting help third , tragedy, and they will receive resources, support and teaching from the Crimson Cross that will assist them recover and rebuild for years to come,’ stated Jeff Towers, chief advancement officer of the Red Cross. ‘A $10 donation made through mobile giving can provide a family with two water cans to store clean drinking water, basic first aid supplies or a blanket.Obama said in his weekly radio address to the nation. The main sticking point in the debate has ended spending on entitlement applications and taxes . We can meet our fiscal challenge, the president stated. That’s what the American people sent us here to accomplish. They didn’t send us right here to kick our complications later on. That’s specifically what they don’t really like about Washington. They sent us here to together work. They sent us right here to get stuff done .

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