Published in the April issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine

But the first national study of their actual use in diabetics over 55 years shows a big gap between what should be and what is .The study , published in the April issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine , was conducted by UM Medical School researcher Allison Rosen using data using data from the federal National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey . – ‘These are drugs that we know to save lives and save money , and still we only with them in less than half the people who might benefit,’says Rosen, an assistant professor of internal medicine at UM, the also holds positions at the UM School of Public Health and the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. That is,is especially striking that their rate of use is not much higher gain in the people most likely? ‘that is, the notes with a variety of clinical signs and risk factors. ‘roses that do not show the study, the reasons for which the drug was so low, but it says that a lack of awareness among physicians, the cost of patient track and lack of effective measures and encourage you to contribute the use of drugs all.

A program ultimately save lives and reduce spending by preventing cardiovascular and kidney – related health complications – and the costly hospitalizations, dialysis, surgery and other treatments that you would require it.


AstraZeneca has a well-established prostate franchises for his leading hormonal treatment ZOLADEX , into being first introduced in 1987 and Casodex , in the year 1995 caused to life.

About Prostate:prostate affects men , especially aged 50 years. The time the most commonly diagnosed male cancer in many western countries, and their incidence has increasing. Worldwide, more than 670,000 men diagnosed with prostate every year accounts for a. Nine all new cancers in men Prostate cancer is the second most frequent cancer men after lung cancer. With HRPC affects approximately 60,000 new patient in the U.S. Alone annually.

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