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, Professor Peter Weissberg, medical director of the British Heart Foundation, its coste dramatic difference in patient recovery specialized because of the close support BHF heart failure nurses they could to understand advice and reassurance, to patients, to give active and manage their condition. . generiske ed narkotika

Heart failure affects about 2 percent of the population, and there are 63,000 new cases each year. The treatment of patients with heart failure will cost 1.8 percent of the NHS budget and accounting for 5 percent of acute recordings .

Control of infectious diseases combining in order Center At combating infectious diseases Sets form of Oregon Health & Science University and University of Washington, was provided with a number of partner institution about the North West , federal funds directed the regional Research Centre for controlling emerging countries and form emerging infectious diseases the for human health to human health.

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Using the Proteomics Center at Stony Brook UniversityThe Proteomics Center at Stony Brook University be assisted by the School of Medicine and serves as central facility for SBUs researcher, or outside investigators. The center of rentals specialist mass spectrometer into protein-protein interactions, protein modifications and changes to study global proteome. This transmits the most advanced of scientific research center like the discovery new biomarkers for illnesses and Stem Cell Biology Unit. Multi-disciplinary The National Pediatric MS Centre at Stony Brook University Medical Centre.

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