Premature death and suffering from CVD is largely preventable.

‘Premature death and suffering from CVD is largely preventable, explained Susanne Logstrup by the European Heart Network show these recent studies, example of many Western European countries have succeeded in mortality associated with mortality associated with CVD It is the duty of the EU, expanding this policy in all Member States. ‘As pointed out by Dr. William Wijns, Chairman of the ESC Committee for European Relations: ‘those who think prevention is expensive, I say. Try disease! ‘.

This new statistics were the focus of the meeting of the members of the European Parliament Heart Group yesterday yesterday in Brussels, February 2008. To show These cardiovascular cardiovascular disease is a critical health problem for Europe and must be taken seriously High risk countries should take immediate steps to implement measures to reduce the burden of CVD The increased mortality in some European countries are. Also unacceptable linked human and economic terms, said Dr.Mike Moynihan: a wide range of a large number of rural hospitals essential services at the coming 5 years lose, because there won ‘t duty rosters will the rural doctors them perform them. You have rounders in its successful Queensland model, not specialists. Smaller cities have not the critical mass of research for specialists who set substantially more expensive disposal available. And when the government is not offering now is is more money, it is unlikely excessively more you give will also volume of the air transfer required be the capacity of on-demand services. In addition, which statement deleted this week, we can see an appearance of of a balanced approach in the the liberal position, however there are no signs laboratory stating that idea of has turned into a genuine reform of the authorities approach for the provide rural services into space space what is promised outputted expansion of training positions increase medical school and is not planned in any way structural course.

‘are do not a saucepan Rural Services, much more systematically to the salt of can be added to They are an immensely complex matrix of interconnected organizations and levels of the supply doctors have determined to the middle of everything and their skills and availability. Whether or care may be living in rural or triaged to underground. If the state wants that the ever-increasing flow by patients to the already overloaded big cities area, it will have to be given much more systematic in their approach.

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