Patients with early AMD whose eyes have many large drusen-abnormal.

CAPT is the first study large enough to separately risk factors for the risk factors for the development of CNV and of advanced GA in AMD patients with large drusen in both Augen.052 CAPT participants or each 10 or more large drusen and visual acuity of 20/40 better in each eye at the study outset. Each patient received low-intensity laser treatment in one eye only, the other eye was observed. Follow-up tests a year for five or six years. CAPT concluded that laser treatment does not alter the risk of developing CNV, or loss of vision.. Patients with early AMD whose eyes have many large drusen– – abnormal, white-yellow deposits under the retina accumulate– – are known that certain factors, for developing one or both forms of advanced AMD be: CNV , as ‘wet’AMD and / or geographic atrophy , as advanced ‘dry’AMD is known.

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