Particularly if occurring with hay fever.

Lead author Pamela Martin, a University of Melbourne PhD pupil based at the Murdoch Kids Research Institute analysed the study and skin prick screening data gathered in the medical study for the evidence of childhood eczema and hay fever leading to adult asthma. She stated ‘In this research we see that childhood eczema, particularly if hay fever occurs, is an extremely strong predictor of who’ll have problems with allergic asthma in adult life.’ ‘The implications of this study are that prevention and rigorous treatment of childhood eczema and hay fever may avoid the persistence and development of asthma.’ She also stated this is the first study to distinguish between allergic and non-allergic asthma and their occurrence after childhood eczema and hay fever, within a sequence of allergic illnesses dubbed the 'atopic march' Associate Professor Shyamali Dharmage, principal investigator of the TAHS and the University of Melbourne's College of Population Wellness said currently few interventions are trialled to prevent this march from childhood allergies to asthma.Collaboration with internationally renowned institutions just like the CNRS can be an important component of our extensive global research actions, emphasized Professor Friedrich Berschauer, Chairman of the Table of Administration of Bayer CropScience AG, at the signing of the contract in Paris. The only method to overcome the difficulties of the future has been clever minds and a massive effort in every fields of study. The CEO underlined the need for intensive agricultural study. Without improvements we will never be in a position to continue producing enough levels of high-quality food later on, Berschauer said. What we are in need of is nothing significantly less than another green revolution. He needed public shelling out for agricultural analysis to be accorded sustained importance. We should come back agriculture to the center of international study and development policy as soon as again invest a lot more intensively in technology and agricultural infrastructure.

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