New study from UAB released online in Molecular Therapy.

Anti-brain tumor agent derived from herpes simplex virus passes next hurdle An anti-human brain tumor agent developed from a genetically engineered herpes simplex virus has been shown to be safe and sound when given in two dosages and injected straight into the brain of patients with malignant glioma. New study from UAB released online in Molecular Therapy, demonstrated that the drug also, G207, appeared to prompt an immune response in individuals and showed signs of actively eliminating and pursuing cancer cellular material. UAB researchers studied six individuals with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, probably the most deadly forms of brain cancer .


Antibodies needed for dendritic cell maturation Dendritic cells, or DCs for brief, perform an essential role for the immune system: They engulf pathogens, break them into their component parts, and display the pieces on the surface then. This in turn signals other immune cells capable of recognizing these parts to greatly help kick-start their personal default program for overcoming the invaders. To carry out their job, the DCs are influenced by the support from a course of immune system molecules, which have never before been associated with dendritic cells: antibodies, best known for their role in diagnostics and vaccinations. Now, scientists at the Helmholtz Center for Infection Analysis and the Hannover Medical College were able to present that antibodies are essential for dendritic cell maturation.

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