New Olympus V System Expands Options for ERCPOlympus America Inc drug effects.

New Olympus V – System Expands Options for ERCPOlympus America Inc drug effects . Is a precision technology leader in developing and delivering innovative solutions in medical and surgical products among other core businesses, today launched its new V – System. The new V – System combines Olympus ‘ latest deuodenoscope the TJF – Q180V, with its unique V – System devices for ERCP procedures. The TJF – Q180V the first deuodenoscope to narrow band imaging and a dual guidewire locking mechanism, which support safe offer a short guidewire exchange. The scope also features a larger and higher resolution than its predecessor. The new V – Olympus Olympus to meet the challenges of the ERCP and allow maintain maintain access to the biliary system with greater ease.

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