Maryland make improvement on how to fund state-run health exchanges In the news Also.

The Associated Press/Washington Post: Maryland House Advancements Measure TO COVER Health Care Exchange The House of Delegates provides advanced a measure to expand Medicaid eligibility and make a funding stream for Maryland's health benefit exchange within the federal health care overhaul. On Saturday THE HOME gave the bill preliminary approval. A vote is expected early next week . Kaiser Wellness News: Connecticut Races TO ATTAIN Uninsured, Open Health Insurance Marketplace In the country's insurance capital, the hunt to discover uninsured people and have them enrolled in the state's new online health insurance marketplace has begun.Cathy Lord, director of the Center for Autism and the Developing Human brain at Weill Cornell Medical College and NY Presbyterian Hospital in NEW YORK, told CBS This early morning that these is certainly general deterioration in genes as people age. With fathers, those mutations take place more regularly in men’s sperm and so are more likely to be passed onto to their children – and maybe among those mutations is connected with autism or schizophrenia. Dr. Delores Maldespina, a psychiatrist at NYU Langone Medical Center, toldCBS Evening News that she finds the study eye opening. ‘This study demonstrates new mutations are regular enough as men age group that fathers aging only can explain the increase for the chance of autism,’ she said.

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