Many rural Indian women know little about family planning.

Many rural Indian women know little about family planning, and the most common form of birth control is female sterilization, the New York Times reported. During the 1990s, advocated a Indian state that women who already had two children sterilization, an approach that reduces the birth rate, but that many criticized undergo compulsory measures. To limit the increased pressure on families with two children often causes cancel some families female fetuses after viewing an ultrasound due to a cultural bias for male children (Yardley, New York Times.

Other initiatives aim to improve education for women and the marriages of women reach the age of 18. Amarjit Singh, Director of the National Population Stabilization Fund, said: ‘An educated girl is the best contraception. ‘The poorest and most populous countries also have the lowest female literacy.This information was brought out of With friendly permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation you can change the overall Kaiser Daily Globalhealth policy coverage from, search the archives and then log to email Shipping of global health.

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