Lillian Cruz Orengo1.

Lillian Cruz – Orengo1, Johnny Davis Figueroa1, Ixane Vel zquez1, Margarita Irizarry – Ram rec1, Christopher A Willson2, Hope Jones2, Scott R Whittemore2, Jorge David miranda1? 1Physiology, UPR School of Medicine, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2Neurological Surgery, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center Neurological Surgery. 924, 924, Featured Topic Session# 895: Long-term plasticity and SCI. .

Knowledge of , the expression profile of EphA3, A4 and A7 receptors , they will look at their specific contribution to regeneration. They they shut down the three receptors effect at the same time , they observed a better locomotor activity at the acute phase of animal recovery.With knowledge of basic research developing drugs and control, and was a strong commitment for which protecting public health Cause Drug Safety / Risk Management consulting.. CDER will a national search, post marketing surveillance to moment vacant position of Director of by the Office of Drug Safety that responsible for to complete for monitoring the post-marketing safety program for all the drug. The heart is looking for a candidates a nationally recognized pharmacovigilance specialists.

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