KCI business objective is to heal people and restore them active.

KCI business objective is to heal people and restore them active, healthy life, said Mike Right, President of KCI Active Healing Solutions. We are now in a position to use our VAC Therapy System to treat all three major categories of chronic wounds:. Diabetic foot, pressure sores and leg ulcers, ranging KCI reach over the entire chronic wound care market .

VLUs are often hard to heal, make recalcitrant wounds that significant clinical challenges. They can be painful and debilitating, seriously affect a patient ‘s physical and emotional quality of life. John Lantis, Director of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital Center and Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery, Columbia University, New York. ‘The benefits of VAC Therapy offers, especially in the treatment of massive ulcers and those with difficult to manage, drainage, are significant. Moreover, a clinical study has shown that the time to wound bed preparation are reduced significantly when traditional therapies in comparison. ‘.Notes:.Affiliated Schafer and Ferraro to the Department of Sociology and the centers on Aging and the Life Course Schafer as an assistant an assistant professor of sociology at University of Toronto this fall, studying, is currently social relations and health under retired inhabitants of the commune. Ferraro, director of the Centre of age and in society trend is shall continue Own on excess weight problem related to aging.

The Purdue team knowledge is in the the March issue of Social Psychology Quarterly releases. Schafer, opposite together with Kenneth F. Ferraro, a distinguished professor of sociology of, body mass indices human health and the perception from by weight of discrimination. More than 1,500 people between 25-74 been into 2005 concerning 2005 on questions relating to aging and health equal surveyed as part of a National Survey of midlife history the United States.

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