Jennifer Hecht.

Jennifer Hecht, education director of the Stop AIDS Project, that lack of access to information is a key factor in the increase in diagnoses. In many respects, to those on the government’s policy abstinence only education is connected to stress, Pike said, adding: And the high prices that we see among black men and other minorities indicate that there is much to connected associated, such as poverty and racism (New York Times.

To locatetware helping doctors rare cells in human cancer identifyMedical researchers have shown that the Office of Naval Research – funded software for finding and recognizing undersea mines can help doctors identify and classify cancer cells developed. ‘The results are spectacular,’said Dr. Larry Carin, professor at Duke University and developer of the technology. ‘This could be a game changer for medical research. ‘. By Grace Jean.Doctors doctors According to about further reduce or disposed major health achievements 2004 as a reaction to on or payment professional liability insurance, according a survey in the October issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA / Archives journals.

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