Its all due to a band of Anti-GMO activists from Mexico called Sin Maiz No Hay Vida.

Anti-GMO activists hoax mainstream media with mock Monsanto press release How come Monsanto’s Chief of Community Relations scrambling to defend the mega biotech huge that employs her? Why is the chief overseer of Monsanto’s world-wide study and technology justifying his actions at main press conferences? It’s all due to a band of Anti-GMO activists from Mexico called Sin Maiz No Hay Vida. The activists developed a webpage called ‘Monsanto Global’ with the intent to bring recognition to Monsanto’s control of agriculture world-wide. So how did they rattle the global Monsanto juggernaut? The activists used their Monsanto Global site to send out a press release to the e-mail inbox’s of media businesses worldwide .

Persistent drought during the last several years has elevated tensions even more, frustrated by the introduction of firearms further, especially automatic weapons recently. Related StoriesNutrition technology must switch to feed exploding world population, say worldwide researchersHi-Tech Pharmaceuticals signs definitive agreement to obtain iForceInflammation from diet plans deficient in nutrients donate to weight despite intake of macronutrientsPike said that households she 1st studied in the early 1990s that might experienced military-issue rifles, by mid-10 years all acquired AK-47s. ‘You can treat this violence as cattle rustling, but it’s a lot more complicated, with disparate impacts on people’s daily lives and health,’ Pike stated. ‘We’re documenting nutritional change over time.

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