It has been set up as having anti-aging properties.

But if you want to be sure you get the benefits without drinking a few cups of green tea daily, EGCG supplements can be found. Thinking about bother? Here’s a list of health advantages from green tea’s ECGC: * Promotes weight reduction * Reverses coronary artery disease * Enhances functional capacity for older persons * Helps relieve chronic exhaustion * Induces programmed tumor cell apoptosis * * Helps reduce HIV viral loads * Offers safety against chronic inflammation * Assists avoid autoimmune disease * Boosts disease fighting capability as an antioxidant * Protects against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia *By just how, apoptosis is normal for healthy cells, they are programmed to die and be replaced by new cells.I’ve by no means seen Reuters pull the type of stunt AP offers just committed. Although Reuters addresses conventional medicine, it also covers breakthroughs in natural medicine, so despite the fact that I don’t trust everything Reuters says, that news organization at least seriously takes their objectiveness, and they seem to execute a good work providing some well balanced mainstream coverage of health issues. The AP, though, offers dropped all credibility on health issues.

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