Increasing recruitment of minorities in cancer clinical trials ed treatment.

ASCO press releases recommendations for the elimination of Cancer Care Disparities in the United Statesvocation stark inequalities in access to care for cancer patients and survival between minorities and whites and between people with and without health insurance, today the American Society of Clinical Oncology published recommendations to eliminate cancer care disparities in the United States ed treatment . – ASCO Disparities in Cancer Care policy statement published online today in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, recommends several strategies for cancer treatment disparities in the United States to reduce: increase Research on Cancer disparities, increasing recruitment of minorities in cancer clinical trials, promote increased diversity in the oncology workforce and education of oncology staff on cultural issues and differences and equal access to quality health care.

Today ASCO also announced the 2009 recipients of Diversity in Oncology Initiative awards a first – of-its kind awards program, to diversify the oncology workforce with the help of a grant from Susan G. Komen for the cure.

Curia and colleague continue to identifying ago regulators miR-200 are working in that possibly targets provide for therapy The scientists began with a strain of mice, metastatic lung cancer develops based on mutations in which Kras oncogen and said tumor – suppressant. Suppressor gene p53 cell lines isolated isolated type mice-type mice and the resultant cancer by metastatic potential. View all tumor cell lines were profiled for gene expression, ‘the matter appeared strong was one of EMT signal is in metastatic cells, but no in the non-metastatic cells, ‘with Curia.

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