Including motor neuron disease.

Dr Taylor and his team are now testing the ability of HDAC6 to prevent neurodegeneration in several mouse models, including motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease. They also try to pharmacological approaches to increase identify HDAC6 activity.

Therefore, the researchers suggest that the level of HDAC6 in a cell ‘s sensitivity to regulate the accumulation of misfolded proteins, and that increasing the activity of HDAC6, the degeneration normally associated with accumulating old, prevent damaged proteins. The researchers suggest further when proteasomes are impaired or overwhelmed, to accumulation of defective proteins, HDAC6 facilitates delivery to the autophagy-lysosomal system for degradation was. That’s how we think HDAC6 links that the two systems, says Taylor.According to Le Truong Giang from Ho Chi Minh City HIV / AIDS Prevention Committee, Vietnam is unable antiretorvirals no cost to HIV-positive people in the country because of limited resources available. He added, however, that the country, which medical industry efforts to ensure one hundred and four thousand seven hundred man live with the disease, the treatment may accessed. In July, 97,300 HIV-positive people have life Vietnam, and almost 9,100 people killed of AIDS-related causes of, in accordance with the General Statistics Office. Until 2010 become more than 350,000 HIV-positive people expected to dwell in the country and 104,700 people are expected to to die on AIDS diseases . – ‘with permission of you can total Kaiser Daily Health Policy show Reports, search the archives and sign up for mail infeed at emperors Daily Health Policy Report Reprint for imperial network a free service from The Henry Y.

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